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 I have such a thing for Chloe Sevigny it's not even funny.

I sit on youtube just looking for clips on her just talking. The fact that she's part of Lesley Arfin's "Dear Diary" only strengthens my admiration. Do you think it's really creepy if I google where she might live in the Village? 

Uhhh suchagirlcrush 
 I really miss photography. I've been looking at a lot of different random shots and photographers and I just wanna start taking photos of people again. I miss the darkroom and developing photos and I really want my dad to fix his camera so I can steal it and take pics. My school doesn't offer a photo course, but we do offer "The Power of being Beautiful" This place is a joke. I better have a good GPA or I'll just walk out of here one day. Nah just kidding, I like LIM. I do hate this "internship" Club Monaco's gonna own my life. I want House of India for dinner.


 It's already Christmas Eve! I'm excited for presents, spending the night listening to my Aunt Andrea say one retarded thing after another and enough Italian food and Egg Nog to keep me in a nurished coma. So far i have gotten some great presents from my friends. 

Kelsey gave me I've read 15 pages, and have yet to ever laugh so hard.

Molly gave me -it matches my funnel from last year. I'm a happy camper. 

I get the rest of the gifts I have already seen because I picked them out with my parents and a lot of giftcards tonight and tomorow. I'm looking foward to seeing some of my family members, and getting to wear my new dress. More getting to wear my new dress.

Last night was Alex's 18th Birthday Party and the night before I had a few friends over. Friday was a blur of idiots and crying and disturbing text messages and random people sleeping over my house, which I never really like. By the ned of the night I was the lone sober person, which I REALLY never like so i spent time cleaning up and situating humans throughout my household. Jiordan got an ice luge for christmas, we tried to use it but got too drunk/forgot about it. Thats what New Years is gonna be for. 
Alex's was entertaining as Kelsey Jiordan and I were the only ones drinking and for once I didn't care that we were "those girls". I've learned to accept that title a LONG time ago. We were deathbed material by 9:30 considering we had nothing to eat but chicken wings and lemonade and vodka. 

I think this says a lot about our friendship.

So does this. 

After a dance party involving just Kelsey and I we were summoned outside to watch everyone go sledding down the Prince's 20 foot drop in/half pipe. Never to be one out down I ofcourse had to climb up and latter and somehow not fall off and manage this. Alex went first and I was still scared that I was going to go flying off the sled and just smack my head. After showing me I stood up, re-enacted Almost Famous declaring "AND I'M ON DRUGS!" and them flew down so fast that I went half up the other side. Best drunken rush of my life. Molly has a video of it apparently, so don't worry kids, you will have more footage of my asshole-ness soon to come. I was home by 11:30 and asleep by 12. Back to my sophmore year drinking days. 

Merry Christmas kids, and remember whatever stupid things you do at a holiday party- I will probably top.

  So, I'm pretty sure I'm done applying to college. I need to solve my collegeboard.com problem (Apparently there's a fourth account among the three I have-thanks mom and dad) so once it's sorted out, again, I can access and send out my scores, hopefully tomorow. I might still apply to Parsons but honestly, I don't feel like doing the suppliment. Not only do I have to put together a portfolio when I'm not applying as a design major, but I'd also have to do a project where using any creative medium, i have to "re-discover" things in my town that I never really stopped and apprechiated. It's a nice idea in thought, but honestly, I just don't want to, especially when the school costs a fortune and a half anyway. But, then there's always the chance of seeing Tim Gunn there, so..I need to consider some things. 

My final college list is 
-University of Rhode Island 
-Philadelphia University 
-Johnson and Wales

Christmas is almost here and I'm really excited for it this year. I asked for Uggs (So Long Island, but I'd rather wear them to work than Birkenstocks), some H+M clothes, a polariod camera, urban decay make up, some books(I hope they serve beer in hell is on top of the list along with the new post secret book), some cd's (I'm really hoping my aunt andrea get's me the new britney cd-it would only make sense) and world peace. Last one's a liiiiie. I love decorating for the holidays, we still need to get a Christmas Tree and my mom just bought some cookie dough so I need to make xmas cookies and a million other things. Most of my presents are bought except for my parents which is always hard but I think my dad just wants an itrip, so yeah for Best Buy and I'm helping Kayla from work by for a family in need so I still need to go buy Hannah Montana dolls and High School Musical stuff for the little girls. 
I really wanted guitar hero so I won't suck so much but I'm such a girl that I don't have any game systems and its a waste of money for something I'll get sick of in three months. 
I'm mostly looking foward to a week off, getting to work and make good money and then NEW YEARS EVE- so far, starting in the hood and ending at our usual spot- the Brunnett's basement.  

 1. What does the oldest text message in your inbox say?
"Lizard boo, I'm on my death bed wishing you'd come lay yo sexy ass down with me"- joeybaby

2. What was the last song you sang outloud?
"your so last summer"-tbs. Dillon and I have a deut going on.

3. Do you have any nicknames?
Liz. Lizard. Jewcy. Regina George. Stuff happens.

4. Who was the last person to message you?

5. What time did you go to bed last night?
early, around 11

6. Are you currently happy?
I've been better and i've been worse

7. When was the last time you cried?
hahahahaha. This made me laugh. SHUT UP- I CAN'T DEAL WITH BOYS CRYING!

8. Who gives you the best advice?
Jim Morrison

9. Do you eat whipped cream straight from the can?

10. Who did you talk on the phone with last night?
Jiordan as always

11. Is anything bugging you right now?
Don't get me started

12. What was the last thing to make you laugh?
Krum asking where his tee shirt is

13. Do you wear toe socks?
shut up socks are lame

14. Who was the last person you missed a call from?
Darrel. International stalking has been brought to a new level. 

15. Have you ever had your heart broken?
Not properly

16. What annoys you most in a person?
Compulsive liars

17. Do you have a crush on anyone?

18 Have you ever done cocaine?

19. What is the color of your room?
purple and gold. no joke

20. Would you kill someone you hate for a billion dollars?
Currently- absolutely

21. Do you believe in the saying "talk is cheap?"
oh deff
23. Who was the last person to hug you?
I feel like Tara but maybe Kelsey.

24. Did anyone see you kiss the last person you kissed?
Possibly. I don't think so.

25. Do you have a life?
I have three actually  

26. Have you ever thought someone died, when they really didn't?
Um no  

27. Do you own an iPod?
yes i forget what i named it

28. What is the reason behind your myspace song?
um its a metalish version of my favorite song. i love any remakes of kelly clarkson even if id rather jab my eyes out then listen to metal

29. Who was the last person you saw in person?

30. What is your favorite Michael Jackson song?
Billie jean

31. Last time you smiled?
I was watching rock of love before

32. Ever had a drunken night in Mexico?
I've never been to Mexico, otherwise

33. Have you changed this year?

34. What are you listening to right now?
Voxtrot- "Whiskey" : P

35. Are you talking to anyone while doing this?

36. Do you walk with your eyes open or closed?
open so i can avoid bumping into a waddler

37. Is there a quote you live by?
a few

38. Do you want someone you can't have?
No, hahaha 

39. Have you ever played an instrument?
French horn. beat that.

40. Whats the worst idea you've had this week?
Not taking his parking spot/ pulling a carrie underwood

41. What were you doing last night at 11?

42. Are you happy with your life right now?

43. What song describes your love life?
There used to be some song I had on my ipod by some band and all they did was scream about death, I think Matt Guay sent it to me,. Enough said

44. Does the person you like know you like them?
Llyod Dobbler

45. What always makes you laugh?

46. Do you speak any other languages?
Un po italiano

47. Are you a blonde?

48. What are you doing after this?

49. What are you doing tomorrow?
hippie shoes? 

50. Who is your best friend?

Sep. 20th, 2007


Put your ipod on shuffle and explain a memory that the first 10 songs inspire and your favorite lyrics in them

1. Fell in love with a girl- The White Stripes 

these two sides of my brain
need to have a meeting
can't think of anything to do
my left brain knows that
all love is fleeting
she's just looking for something new
and I said it once before
but it bears repeating

I always dance around to this, too bad its only about a minute and a half long. I don't have any specific memories, I just like to dance to this 

2."This is why I ROCK"- Mims 

We rock cause we fly
you ain't cause you not
this is why, this is why, this is why I rock

Such a good bad song. This song reminds me of a night when summer had just begun and we were driving to a party at Allie's and screaming out the lyrics. 

3. "Breathe in"- Frou Frou 

What part of no don't you understand I've told you before
To just get off my case this isn't happening stop this now
And I where was I? I have to be somewhere
Now where did I put it?
And I'm high enough from all the waiting
To ride a wave on your inhaling
And I'm high enough from all the waiting
To ride a wave on your inhaling
'Cause I love you no?
Can't help but love you, no...

The cold. I played this song, and a lot of other Frou Frou last march. I remember walking to work in the snow and playing it. 

4. "Bleed America"- Jimmy Eat World 

I'm not alone cause the TV's on yeah
I'm not crazy cause I take the right pills everyday and rest
Clean your conscience,
clear your thoughts with speyside with your grain
Clean your conscience, clear your thoughts with speyside

Freshman year, end of the play, I was playing this and walking around the building bored. 

5. Time after time - Quietdrive (cover)

Lying in my bed I hear the clock tick and think of you
Caught up in circles confusion is nothing new
You say go slow; I fall behind
The second hand unwinds

This kept being played on the radio when we were in Providence and Emily and I kept singing the lyrics throughout the rest of the day. 

6. "Crash into me"- Dave Matthews Band.

In you my friend
Into your heart Ill beat again
Sweet like candy to my soul
Sweet you rock
And sweet you roll
Lost for you Im so lost for you
You come crash into me
And I come into you

We always play this at work. It's probably my favorite DMB song next to "American Baby" One of the few cds I can tolerate at Blossom. I think its my favorite love song.

7. "Sympathy"- Goo Goo Dolls
We’re taught to lead the life you choose
You know your love’s run out on you
And you can’t see when all your dreams aren’t coming true
Oh, yeah
It’s easy to forget, yeah
When you choke on the regrets, yeah
Who the hell did I think I was?

I put it on the playlist I made for Greece. It makes me think of bus rides through the mountains that took forever but I loved because it was a few hours of just listening to music and napping and looking at the mountains. 

8. "Fat Bottom Girls"- Queen 
Oh but I still get my pleasure
Still got my greatest treasure
Heap big woman you gonna make a big man out of me
Now get this
Oh you gonna take me home tonight
Oh down beside your red firelight
Oh you gonna let it all hang out
Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin world go round

Get on your bikes and ride!

Jiordan. We always thing this song along with any queen song. 

9. "Starts with one"- Shiny Toy Guns 

now there's two
i can't see
i've never felt this way
i can't feel
anything anyway...
lets show them
the only way
lets show them
our hearts

Concert in the begining of the summer. I never really liked this song until I saw it preformed live. 

10. Anna Molly- Incubus

A cloud hangs over,
and mutes my happiness,
a thousand ships couldnt send me back from distress,
wish you were here,
I'm a wounded satellite,
I need you now put me back together make me right

I got into Incubus this summer. I think of driving around, mainly with Jess playing this song really loud because its a good driving song.



I came across some entertaining photos I thought I'd share.

My Grandy holding my mom circa 1960. Check out the white shades.

Tell me I don't look just like my mom as a baby. WTF at my blue eyes.

back when she wasnt Satan and I never brushed my hair.

photo final. Birkenstock is rubbing off on her.

Such Lunatics. I love it.

best dog. ever.